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Railway transport plays the key role in the development of Russian economy and covering the demands of its production and trade sectors. Most of the IPEM papers and achievements are related to the railway transport. Its research activity covers all the aspects of railway transport including industry’s regulation and reformation, freight service and passenger conveyance, investments in rail infrastructure and rolling stock. Fundamental scientific approach and wide research experience allow the Institute to be fairly considered as one of the leading transport sector research organizations in Russia.

The specialists of IPEM take active part in discussions and decisions covering the development of railway transport in Russia. They are the members of technical regulation and railway reform Committees of Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation, the Expert Board of Russian Federal Railway Transport Agency, Federal Tariff Service and Federal Antimonopoly Service. Also in 2011 Yuri Saakyan, Director General of IPEM, was the co-leader of Natural Monopolies Reform Expert Group in the state project of Russia Socioeconomic Development Strategy Revision. 


Selected rail studies and reports  

Estimated USD 247 for hyperloop trip between Moscow and St. Petersburg makes it affordable only for rich
Tariff System of Freight Transportation by Rail in Russia
Leasing of Rolling Stock as an Anti-crisis Tool for Russian Railway Industry Development
Rail Transportation of Ferrous Metals (Expert Review)
Russian Railway Industry Development is Impossible without Long-term Demand
Transportation of Metallurgical Freight: Intermodal Competition (Expert Review)
Comparison of Freight Owners’ Expenses on Freight Transportation in Russia and the USA
IPEM Suggestions for the Model for Empty Rail Cars Fleet Management in Russia (Report)
Funding of Long-distance Passenger Transportation in Russia (Report)
Competition on Russian Rail Cars Freight Transportation Market of Rail Cars under Different Kinds of Ownership
The Analysis of the Results of International Studies Related to the Feasibility of Separation of Railway Infrastructure and Transport Operations, Investigation of the Nature and Outcomes of International Railway Reforms
Prospects for the Development of Russian Passenger Rail Transportation Market
Analysis of Possible Outcomes of RZD JSC 25% -1 Share Sale in 2012-2013
Russian market of Oil Transportation via Rail in 2012

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