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Published by IPEM with the support of the Union of Industries of Railway Equipment (UIRE) the Railway Equipment magazine is the leading issue of Russian railway industry. Established in 2008, today the magazine is published 4 times a year only in Russian so far. By 2010 the magazine obtained the scientific status and, as a result, became the general publishing venue for materials dedicated to Russian railway industry scientific and technological breakthroughs.

Besides materials about technical, economic and legal aspects of industry development, the magazine includes unique statistics covering the recent industry state. Based on official data of Russian federal executive authorities, RZD JSC and rolling stock producers, actual statistical figures are published on quarter basis and will be interesting to all industry enterprises. Published data includes macroeconomic figures, rolling stock production levels divided by the producers, quarter financial results of industry activities.

Traditionally, once in 2 years before InnoTrans International Fair the special English-language version of the magazine is issued. It includes information about the latest activities in Russian railway industry, industry figures and the most interesting materials from Russian version, which were published in last 2 years.

You can find the full PDF versions of English-language Railway Equipment issues below.




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 Railway Equipment #7 - Special Issue for InnoTrans 2018 

  • Changing market demands concept for «smart wagon»
  • Russian rolling stock becomes increasing attractive in international markets
  • Rail solutions for FIFA World Cup
  • Global rail industry continues to consolidate
  • Digital Railway: from Concept to Reality
  • Regulatory changes seek to encourage third-party investment in passenger rail
  • What role can CNG and LNG play in railway transport?
  • Russian rolling stock sector: time to invest
  • ‘Moskva’ Metro Train
  • Compact messenger cable solutions for high-speed rail lines
  • How can machine learning and BigData benefit locomotive transmission diagnostics?
  • Efficient applications of rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries
  • A practical application of RAMS studies for brake systems
  • Russian Railways at 15: state railway leads manufacturing development
  • UIRE – bringing together Russia railway manufacturers



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Railway Equipment #6 Expo 1520 2017 

  • Mixed fortunes for Russian rolling stock manufacturers in 2016
  • Findings of slab track system trials
  • New service agreements enhance locomotive service and repair efficiency
  • Technical features of Russian high-speed passenger trains
  • Statistics of Russian Railway Industry
  • Technology transfer and developing mechanical engineering in transport
  • ISO Industry Standard for the Rail Sector
  • The Moscow Central Ring Railway: a railway of innovative solutions
  • How can distributed braking improve freight train performance and reduce delays?
  • Application of traction linear motors in various transport systems
  • Russian Association of Railway Equipment Industry celebrates its 10th Anniversary
  • Russia’s railway Test Loop celebrates its 85th birthday


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 Railway Equipment #5 - Special Issue for InnoTrans 2016

  • Processes of Driverless Shunting Operations
  • URRAN: new model of risk management
  • Moscow Central Ring drives development in Russian capital
  • Russia’s railway sector in 2015: the year in review
  • Supporting Russian engineering export
  • Statistics of Russian Railway Industry
  • Gas-turbine locomotive on liquefied natural gas
  • The world’s first gas reciprocating shunter: TEM19
  • Technical and design features of the EG2Tv ‘Ivolga’ EMUs
  • Underground Cars Refurbishment for Budapest
  • Locomotive diesel engines in Russia: current condition and prospects
  • Russian innovative technologies
  • Innovative messenger wire for an overhead contact line system
  • Amsted Rail makes everything under the railcar body
  • NIIEFA-ENERGO aims for further development of Russian Railways
  • Developing and Mastering Wheels for High-Speed EM U “Lastochka”
  • Innovative electric traction system offers major benefits for railways
  • Expo 1520 is waiting for foreign guests
  • Union of Industries of Railway Equipment (NP UIRE) in the international arena: results and prospects
  • Magnetic levitation: an unknown story from Russia




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Railway Equipment #4 - Special Issue for InnoTrans 2014 

  • Developing Olympic-standard transport infrastructure facilities for Sochi
  • Managing and implementing the Sochi Winter Olympics railway timetable
  • EXPO 1520 – at the heart of Eastern Europe’s Railway Industry
  • UIRE develops its international reputation
  • IRIS develops globally
  • Business Management System: Results of Five-Year Deployment
  • Using IPEM indices to monitor Russian industry development in the second quarter of 2014
  • Russia’s railway services market reacts to significant challenges
  • The future of Russian Railway Industry
  • About new railway technical regulation system in the Custom Union
  • The Sapsan high-speed train development and acceptance tests procedures
  • Statistics of Russian Railway Industry
  • The Experience of launching Sapsan and Allegro highspeed trains in Russia
  • The philosophy of diagnostics as a tool of intelligent control of the railway infrastructure
  • DP-M: A New-Generation Russian DMU
  • Applying composite materials in locomotive components
  • New Messenger Wire – as Strong as Bronze, as Conductive as Cuprum
  • Application of Composite Materials in Wagon Manufacturing
  • TVEMA – Safeguarding track safety
  • Innovative Hybrid Shunting Locomotive
  • Automatic Driving Systems for Locomotives



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Railway Equipment #3 - Special Issue for InnoTrans 2012 

  • UIRE : 5 years along the way of integration partnership events
  • Innovative development of Russian Railways
  • Results of the industrial production condition monitoring based on the indexes of the Institute of Natural Monopolies Research (IPEM)
  • 1520 – 1435: prospects for cooperation
  • Russian machinery: State support in crisis and post-crisis periods
  • Competitive ability of Russian railways, its connection with dynamic properties of freight car running gear and the ways of their improvement
  • Lean production tools effect on efficiency of Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant LCC (NEVZ)
  • Life cycle cost (LCC) methodology application to determine the promising directions of innovative product development
  • Peculiarities of price formation for innovative products with account of the ownership cost
  • Statistics. Railway industry in figures
  • Survey of russian transport engineering industry performance in 2011
  • Into the future - in the new Russian electric locomotives
  • Triple-diesel engine locomotive CME3 ECO: with care about future
  • The second floor of efficiency
  • Possible ways for unification of freight car bogies, their units and parts at 1520 mm rail gauge
  • Computer vision technologies for the supervision over objects of railway infrastructure
  • The “unconquerable” heights of quality
  • IRIS standard is the most important component of transformation of Russian railroad industry
  • Influence of reliability and utilization indexes values on locomotives technical readiness





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 Railway Equipment #2 - Special Issue for InnoTrans 2010  

  • Key problems of railway industry and possible solutions
  • RZD JSC: Innovation-based development
  • Effects of the volume and structure of the RZD JSC investment programme on the situation in railway industry and related economy sectors
  • Overview of the preliminary results of railway industry performance in 2009
  • IPEM indexes as an alternative approach to online monitoring of the industrial production
  • Innovation in railway industry development
  • Strategic tasks of quality maintenance
  • Urgent issues of technical regulation in rail transport legislation
  • Development of limit price calculation methodology for rolling stock
  • Life cycle cost (LCC) as a basis for price calculation of railway equipment
  • Life cycle cost of railway rolling stock: from theory to practice
  • Life cycle. Facts and factors/li>
  • Statistics. Railway industry in figures
  • Development of safety systems and train traffic interval control system based on satellite navigation and digital radio channel to increase the speed and intervals of train traffic
  • Gas turbine locomotive: timely and successful testing
  • Eleсtric locomotive EP20 - basic platform for new generation electric locomotives
  • Production sites - Metallostroy Depot
  • Experimental complex as a unique basis for successful innovative development


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Railway Equipment #1 - Special Issue for InnoTrans 2008   
  • Matching of rail transport and railway industry development strategies
  • The Russian Railways programme for updating rolling stock fleet during 2008-2012
  • Life cycle cost estimation - a new approach to railway equipment pricing policy
  • Statistics. Railway industry in figures
  • Review. Russian railway industry manufacturers
  • Union of industries of railway equipment - moving forward
  • A new model lineup of locomotives
  • Development and production of the world's first main line freight gas turbine locomotive running on LNG
  • Satellite technologies for innovative development in transportation management 



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